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My sister lives in Maryborough and suffers from dementia. My husband and I are 80 years old and find it increasingly difficult to travel from Melbourne to Maryborough to help her attend appointments with dentist, hairdresser, etc. Ruth has been a godsend. She has quickly established a rapport with my sister and taken a load off our minds. She is a positive proactive person who keeps in contact with us about any concerns she may have. Long may she continue with this service. 

Martha M 

Melbourne, Victoria



In September 2018, I was able to go on a ten-day holiday to Broken Hill NSW. This was thanks to Ruth and if it hadn’t been for her, I never would have gone. 

As an artist, Broken Hill was a place I wanted to go but never got a chance. I gained a lot of history and knowledge of the area from Ruth as we travelled around. I have many wonderful memories now that I have actually seen the landscapes that I had only previously seen in paintings.

 I wish Ruth all the best and look forward to engaging her new business to accompany me on a holiday in the near future.

Thanks Ruth, I had a fantastic time! 

Judy W. 

Betley, Victoria  

Taken on road trip to Broken Hill


Taken on another road trip as we passed through Rochester Victoria



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I live in Ballarat and am the mother of a disabled adult who lives in high care in another part of the state. Although I own my own car and am able to drive, I lack confidence outside my own area. I utilised the opportunity for Ruth to drive me to visit my daughter when Ruth was doing research for her new business venture.

I found it to be less stressful, more comfortable and very convenient.

This business venture Ruth has would benefit many people like myself and I wish her and the business all the best. I look forward to doing business with Ruth in the not to distant future. 

Elizabeth G.

Ballarat, Victoria  



Being able to offer peace of mind and a positive outcome  is what this business is about. 

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